Prestigde Dance Academy Calgary

Wee Ones  - 9 to 18 Months (parented)
This 30 minute class will be filled with musical and rhythmical baby games including finger plays, knee and ankle bouncing, singing and dancing. Your baby will begin to absorb rhythms and different forms of movement. Please bring a yoga mat and both parent and child come in comfortable clothing!





Tiny Toes - 18 to 24 months (parented)
This 30 minute class will include circle games and moving in a line.  These both help a child’s visual and spatial development. Singing the lyrics to a melody gives a sense of pitch and aids in language development. Moving to the directions of the songs helps with concepts such as left and right, up and down, backward and forward and in and out. This class includes lots of tumbling and obstacle course fun too. Please bring a yoga mat and both

Little Stars – 2 to 3 years     (formerly our Mom & Me class)
In this 30 minute class we explore the realm of pretend through the medium of dance and music. A variety of tempos, dynamics and instrumentation create many different moods to encourage creative expression. This class introduces the very basics of rhythm, body movement, expression and is lots of FUN. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for lots of up and down and on the ground fun!!! (We recommend two Little Star sessions and then a Shooting Star Session which is unparented. This will be a great preparation for our amazing Pre-School Programs!)


Shooting Stars – 3 to 4 Years
(Pre-School Prep Unparented)

This class is a continuation of the Little Stars class and further introduces the basics of rhythm, body movement, and expression in a class that is unparented and includes Ballet, Tumbling and Creative Movement. This class will prepare your child for entry into the Pre-School THREE Program that includes Ballet, Tumbling and Creative Movement or the Pre-School FOUR Program that includes Tap, Ballet, Tumbling and Creative Movement. Your child is well on their way to LOVING both music and dance!!!! Please have your child wear comfortable clothing or dancewear with a ballet slipper or gymnastic shoe.







Sesional dance classes are a great way to introduce or expand your child's love of dance!  

These 6-Week classes offer you the chance to experience what our programs are all about without the lenghty time commitment of a full dance program.

Our parented classes for younger children are perfect for bonding and quality time! You'll love our fun atmosphere and can share in the joy of music and dance with your kids!


Share the Simple Joy of Dance and Music at Prestige Dance Academy!

Prestige Dance Academy has been providing quality dance education for the past 12 years in S.W. Calgary and we are excited in this our 12th season to be offering a new division of our programs to meet the needs of the little ones in our lives. As a mother of two young children I have found it hard to find a class that introduces music and dance in a relaxed and fun environment. As I introduced both music and dance in my home to my daughter using joyful pieces of music, finger plays and giggling songs I decided that by the time my son would be old enough to take a class such as I described that I would like to be offering this at Prestige Dance Academy... so here it is!   I hope you will enjoy this beautiful experience with your child as much as I have enjoyed creating this program.

Even in the earliest years of life, dance and music plays an important role in a child’s development. Dance and music brings families together, stimulates thinking and enhances creativity and a sense of well being. Children respond to rhythm and music from the day they are born.