Prestigde Dance Academy Calgary

Pre-School Three (Age 3)
An introduction to dance and music for every child focusing on body awareness and co­ordination.  A combination of ballet, tumbling and creative movement all in a fun and energetic 45 minute class.  

Pre-School Four (Age 4) 
An introduction to dance and music for every child focusing on body awareness and co­ordination.  A combination of tap, ballet, tumbling and creative movement all in a fun and energetic 45 minute class.  

5 Year Combo Tap & Jazz 
A fun introduction to Tap and Jazz in a creative and exciting 45 minute class.

Pre Ballet (Age 5)
Introducing the love of Ballet in a structured but fun learning environment - 45 minute class.

Tap (Age 6 and up)
Rhythm development, music awareness and development through a variety of technical elements are key components to our tap program. 

Jazz (Age 6 and up)
A very strong technical base combined with creativity, body and music awareness creates an energetic and fun class.  

Ballet (Age 6 and up)
Discipline and creativity are used in the ballet classes with emphasis on turn out, flexibility, musicality and strength.   We follow the Royal Academy of Dance teaching program that originated in England and is taught world­wide.  


Hip Hop (Age 6 and up)
Hip Hop is a fun, energetic and very popular mix of funk and street dance.  

Cheerleading Jazz (Age 6 and up)
This program integrates the jazz foundation, work with poms and cheers.   

Lyrical (Age 8 and up)
A very expressive movement type of class with a  focus on core strength and turn out. 

Contemporary (Age 10 and up)
An interpretive style of dance that does not have rigid movements, instead it is a search for new forms and dynamics.

Creative Performing Arts
(Age 6 to 10)

This program incorporates singing, dancing, acting and improvisation. The focus in the class is on small musical performances. The basics of Jazz will be taught.

Open Mix (Jazz/Lyrical)
(Age 10 and up)

This program introduces a variety of dance disciplines including Lyrical, Jazz and Modern in one class.   

Adult Classes
The adult classes are great exercise, strength builders and fun.  Classes offered are determined based on demand.

Prestige LOVE for Dance and Movement Program for Dancers with Special Needs
This program is geared towards students with special needs - those with physical, mental and social challenges. Students who need more guidance and help than a typical setting can provide. These programs run as a 6 week session and are offered as 30 minutes or 45 minutes classes.  Some with parental/caregiver guidance and others where students will work on their own without parental/caregiver guidance. Miss Katherine has worked with children who have sensory processing disorders - mainly those on the Autism Spectrum as well as other types of disorders (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ADD, ADHD) for many years and is very excited to be giving these children the opportunity to explore the world of dance.  She has her degree in Psychology and works at New Heights Early Learning Services specifically working with children who have Autism. She has also volunteered with Special Olympics ski program. She is a RAD certified teacher and is excited to be able to foster confidence, knowledge and skill acquisition through dance and movement. 

Our programs run from September to June and we follow the ADAPT Syllabus in Tap and Jazz  and The Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabus for Ballet. 

All of these programs participate in our year end Recital.

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2014-2015 Pricing?Rates -
Prices Include GST?
Registration Fee $25.00 per student???
Foundation Programs??
Pre School ?
45 Minute Classes / $54.00 per month??
Tap, Jazz, 5 Year Combo ?
45 Minute Classes / $56.00 per month?
60 Minute Classes / $62.00 per month ?
75 Minute Classes / $72.00 per month ??
Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Pointe/Demi Pointe/Pointe Prep
30 Minute Classes/ $42.00 per month ?
45 Minute Classes/ $59.00 per month ?
60 Minute Classes/ $65.00 per month ?
75 Minute Classes/ $75.00 per month ??
Recreational Programs??
Hip Hop, Lyrical, Creative Performing Arts/Cheerleading Jazz, ?Open Mix Modern, Contemporary
45 Minute Classes / $56.00 per month ?
60 Minute Classes / $62.00 per month  




Prestige offers exams in Tap, Jazz and Ballet.  Exam candidates are selected by the teacher and are not mandatory. We believe exams are a  very positive learning experience for dancers.

Intensive Dancer Program

The intensive dancer program is offered to students selected by the teachers.  By being involved in the intensive dancer program dancers have the opportunity to compete in several Alberta dance competitions.  Students in the intensive dancer program must participate in Ballet at Prestige Dance Academy.

Sessional Classes
Prestige Sessional Classes are offered in 6 week blocks throughout the year starting with our Wee Ones class at 9 months old!!!!.

Please see the Sessional Classes page for details and to register.

Year End Show
Every student at Prestige who is involved in our regular ten month program participates in our year end show. Every class performs a choreographed routine in full costume giving each student the opportunity to showcase their work on stage in front of an audience.

Summer Dance Camps
Week long theme dance camps that focus on a variety of dance styles.  All levels of experience are welcome to join our classes of tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, modern, stomp and musical theatre.  We also  offer drama games, singing, crafts, improvisation, end of week presentations and an exciting, creative learning environment!!! Ages 3+.

STEP TEAM, Student Teacher Education Program (age 13 +)
The STEP TEAM is a program that offers students 13 years and older the opportunity to work as a student teacher. This program gives the student teacher experience working with children and the opportunity to learn the techniques of teaching dance.